Skin care with Psoriasis

General skin care

General skin careGeneral skin care

People always find new ways of coping with the challenges of psoriasis. Tips such as “Don’t scratch!” or “Don’t hide your plaques!” may be well-meaning, but may be unhelpful when your psoriasis starts acting up.

That’s why we have collected some simple and honest tips from real people living with psoriasis that may help you feel more in control of your condition:

  • Applying creams before bed works best – make sure you wear old pyjamas!

  • If you apply your creams during the day, be sure to wait as long as possible before getting dressed.

  • Ask someone to help you apply topical skin care products – a second pair of eyes and hands can be helpful for those tough-to-reach areas.

Skin and clothing tips

To keep yourself from scratching, try distracting yourself by keeping your hands and mind busy.

  • Cooking or gaming can distract the mind and hands; or any hobby that requires the use of your hands can be helpful in curbing the urge to itch.

Wear natural materials

  • Loose clothing can help avoid irritation.
  • Long-sleeved clothes can help reduce the urge to scratch.
  • If you can’t help but scratch, long-sleeved clothing may minimize scratching your skin directly.

Consider a cold-water bath or cold compresses

  • Avoiding hot water can help because hot water can dry out your skin – but ultimately, do what works best for you. If you do take a hot shower, be sure to moisturize right after.

Flare management

Psoriasis flare managementPsoriasis flare management

The frequency and severity of flare-ups vary between people and may change over time. However, it is important to speak to your doctor whenever you experience one, so they can help get your psoriasis back under control.

For more lifestyle information, have a look at the Living with Psoriasis brochure.

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